The countdown begins

Hello all, I hope you’ve all had a good week!

If you read my last post you’d know that this week I’ve been attempting to go carb free in a hope to make my body healthier. I’m happy to say that although I found the first few days very hard I’ve managed to stay completely carb free and I’ve never felt better! I have almost no bloating even after big meals, I’ve got more energy and just feel like my body is functioning so much better! Im definitely going to keep it up for a few more weeks and track the changes that are happening.


In the past week me and my best friend decided that after exams in May/June we’re going to take a few days off and go for a sunny beach holiday somewhere in Europe, so I’m using this as my motivation to finally get fit and tone up even more so I can be confident and in love with my body in a bikini. Over the last few weeks I’ve massively increased the amount I exercise I do and reduced the amount of crap I’ve been eating and I’m already starting to see muscles building in places I’ve never had them before.

I’ve also started using some supplements from the amazing Cute Nutrition and I really think they have been a big help in helping me lose weight and tone up!

Comment below if you’d like me to do a review of the Cute Nutrition products I’m using! Or check out my instagram to follow my progress ❤

Hannah xoxo

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