Kick some ass

Hi everyone I hope you’ve had a great week!

So todays post is about something that I’m sure every woman has been through or felt at some point but seeing as I felt it seriously for the first time last week I thought it might be a good topic to talk about.

One evening last week I was walking through town by myself along a fairly well lit road that I often walk along when I was approached by two rather intimidating young men. They came up to me and tried talking at me then followed me along the road until I got to my car, locked my doors and drove off. These men did nothing violent or threatening but I still felt very vulnerable and it got me thinking about my personal safety; if something were to happen what would I do? Would I know how to defend myself if they tried to harm me?     The answer to all of these was no – I’d try screaming and kicking obviously, but how much good would that do me.

As soon as I got home I started researching self defence classes in my area and found that Krav Maga was highly recommended as a good way to burn some calories but more importantly learn how to protect yourself and loved ones. I went to a class on Thursday evening and absolutely loved it! It was fast paced and seriously hardcore but I came away from it feeling so much better about my personal safety even after 1 class! The company I did it with are Krav Maga Elite and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to try it out!

I really would urge everyone to try out a self defence class because you never know when you might need to protect yourself and loved ones and being prepared it so important in these scenarios ❤

Hannah xoxoelite

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