Cute Nutrition review

Hi All, hope you’re well!

A few weeks ago I made an order of supplements from Cute Nutrition as an aid to my weight loss and to help reduce my bloating, and I said I’d do a review so here it is!

The first product I want to review is the Vanilla Meal replacement shake. This was my first time ever trying a shake so I was worried about it having a bad taste and texture but I didn’t need to worry about that with this shake! It is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted – it tastes exactly like a vanilla milkshake! They recommend adding 3 scoops to 200ml of milk but after a few days of trying it out I found that I preferred to add more milk to give it a slightly thinner texture. IMG_2637

I found that when I had this in the morning it filled me up until mid-afternoon which meant that I completely cut out lunch and snacking during the day.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a  delicious, low calorie breakfast/lunch replacement!




Next up on my list is their detox tea. Now I’m sure that you’ve all read about detox teas that leave you on the toilet all day but that is not the case with Cutes detox tea!IMG_2642

I have a mug of this tea every evening after dinner and it honestly makes me feel so much lighter and less bloated even after a massive meal. Ive also found that if I have it after dinner it takes away my craving of chocolate/sweet things which has lead to me binging on sugar after dinner.




Last up on my review list are the CLA and Acai Berry capsules. I’m not exactly sure of what these two contain but I know that they’re all natural and do a great job of reducing stomach bloating!IMG_2646

I take one of each 2/3 times a day – one in the morning, one at lunch time and one at night – if I manage to remember!





All together I really do think that these three things have helped reduce my belly bloat massively and have helped to improve my overall internal body health so I would recommend these to everyone looking for a little weight loss boost!

Hannah xoxo

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