Honey; the unsung beauty hero?

Hello my lovelies, I hope you’re all well!

I thought I’d keep up my streak of beauty and skincare posts by writing a bit about one of my favourite skincare items that I take with me whenever I stay away from home; honey!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of manuka honey but did you know that regular supermarket honey can work wonders on your skin too!

My love affair with honey started a few years ago when I saw a DIY blackhead cure on pinterest that contained honey and baking soda. I tried this out a few a times and really did find that it helped reduce the size of my blackheads, especially the ones on my nose.

But my real love of honey came when I saw a post about the benefits of raw honey on individual spots. I tried it out, and although it is very messy, it is incredible! I just dab a small amount of honey onto individual spots or acne prone areas and leave it on from 10 minutes – all night just depending on what I’m doing.

Honey has anti-inflammatory qualities, which means that when applied to spots it will soothe the skin and will reduce any redness or swelling present. Honey is also very moisturising so I find that its been so good for my skin because it helps soothes my spots but also stops my skin from drying out, like so many other acne treatments do. Honey is also completely natural so would benefit even the most sensitive skin.


I just use organic honey from my local supermarket – it costs about £2 which is much more affordable than manuka honey!

Let me know if you guys have any go-to completely organic skincare products that you love!

Hannah xoxo

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